Discover Your Path to Lasting Love

Discover Your Path to Lasting Love

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Marital Relationship Services

Single Therapy

Our Single therapy guides you through the healing process after a breakup and empowers you to create a satisfying, stable marital relationship...

Virtual Couple Counseling

Our therapy for Married is designed to help you and your partner build a strong and fulfilling relationship. We recognize that every couple is unique, so we tailor our approach...

Online Group Therapy

Our supportive group environment provides a safe and confidential space where you can share your thoughts and feelings and receive guidance from your therapist...

Marriage Education

Our Marriage Education services equip married and single with tools to address past traumas, elevate emotional intelligence, and cultivate healthier relationships. Experience fulfilling partnerships through our transformative approach.

Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy offers a transformative experience that's both convenient and powerful. It's like having a trusted guide right in the palm of your hand, helping you navigate life's challenges from the comfort of your own space.

Venture through our Marriage Education Courses and encounter in-depth modules on effective communication, mastering stress management, and the art of mindfulness. Crafted under the seasoned expertise of our Black Male Marriage Counselor, these modules are your ticket to thriving relationships. By investing time in understanding these crucial elements, couples can build a relationship that’s not just about coexisting, but truly understanding and cherishing one another.

Our Marriage Education Courses stand apart by marrying theory with practice. They are a harmonious blend of practical exercises and insightful lessons, ensuring participants not only learn but practice and embody these lessons in real-life scenarios. Immerse yourself in these engaging lessons, witness personal transformations, and enhance the quality of your daily interactions and relationships.

Relationships, like any journey, need clear direction. Whether it’s deciphering your partner’s non-verbal cues, setting healthier relationship boundaries, or managing conflicts constructively, our courses, especially tailored by experts in Marriage Therapy Huntsville, offer the map to refine and reach your personal and relationship aspirations. With clarity, purpose, and the right tools, couples can co-create a relationship narrative that’s fulfilling for both.

Relationships, like any journey, need clear direction. Whether it’s deciphering your partner’s non-verbal cues, setting healthier relationship boundaries, or managing conflicts constructively, our courses, especially tailored by experts in Marriage Therapy Huntsville, offer the map to refine and reach your personal and relationship aspirations. With clarity, purpose, and the right tools, couples can co-create a relationship narrative that’s fulfilling for both.

Each session of our Marriage Education Courses is packed with lessons, insights, and exercises. These nuggets of wisdom, curated over years and refined by feedback, become your guideposts. Under the guidance of our Marriage Counselor Huntsville AL, couples can navigate the complex maze of love, commitment, and understanding, emerging with a bond that’s both resilient and tender. The courses offer a fusion of traditional marital principles with contemporary relationship dynamics, ensuring relevance and applicability. By internalizing these lessons, couples can consistently rejuvenate their relationship, keeping the spark alive.

Effective communication and stress management are not just skills; they’re essentials in today’s fast-paced world. As core pillars of our Marriage Education Courses in Huntsville, they promise a holistic approach to relationship betterment. Imbibe these skills, and witness not just personal growth, but a profound upliftment in the quality of your relationship. When couples communicate mindfully and manage stress effectively, they unlock doors to deeper intimacy and understanding. Beyond just theories, these elements offer hands-on techniques that couples can integrate into their daily lives, ensuring conflicts are resolved with grace and love thrives.

Our Marriage Education Courses are not just classes; they’re transformative experiences. Steered by the profound insights of our Black Male Marriage Counselor, they promise a journey that intertwines personal evolution with relationship success. By delving deep into these courses, couples can reignite the passion, rediscover the joy of companionship, and lay a stronger foundation for a future filled with mutual admiration and love. Furthermore, these courses equip couples with the tools to navigate through relationship hurdles, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding. By actively participating, couples fortify their bond, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

While the immediate insights from our Marriage Education Courses offer tangible benefits, their true value unfolds as time progresses. With each passing day, week, and year, couples find themselves better equipped to handle the intricacies of shared life. From celebrating joyous moments to navigating challenges, the skills and understanding gained here become the cornerstone of a flourishing, long-lasting relationship. The ripple effects of these courses extend beyond the couple, positively influencing family dynamics and ensuring a harmonious home environment.

Reignite the spark in your marriage and break free from infidelity. Join us as we work together to enhance your relationship skills and repair any damage that may have been done. It’s time to stop pointing fingers and take responsibility for your actions. Let us show you how to take control and build a strong and healthy relationship with your spouse.

End the Affair

I’ve been helping couples recover from affairs, sex and pornography addiction, and severe conflict for over 20 years. Whether you have experienced an affair or are trying to avoid one I can help you work through your issues to achieve a Sizzling Hot Marriage!

Reinvest in your marriage

How can you work on two relationships at one time? You Can’t! You must decide what really matters in your life. You must get out of the fantasy world thinking this other person is the answer to all of what you have been missing in your life. If your marriage sucks you’ve got to stop putting all the blame for that on your spouse. What is the likelihood that your poor relationship skills will show up in your next relationship? Come into reality – you need to fix yourself and stop looking to others for solving your personal problems. Stop blaming your spouse for your bad behaviors. Stop dragging another person into your folly. Stop hurting yourself.

Discover valuable tips for improving your relationship through personal reflection and prayer. This program is designed to help couples work through past issues and move toward a more fulfilling relationship. Learn how to love your spouse and yourself, deepen intimacy, and improve communication.

Moving Past the Conflict

Affairs never happen in a vacuum. The relationship must be ripe for an affair. Affairs usually happen when couples have drifted apart over time. Affairs are usually the result of not listening to one another’s pleas for time, attention and sex. Couples get in this condition from unresolved issues. Some of those issues might be past abuse, pornography/sex addiction, low self-esteem, parental divorce, communication issues, etc. To move forward in your marriage, you’ve got to resolve these unresolved issues. It’s a long road to recovery after an affair. Make it a successful journey with Lifestyle.

Personal Reflection

During the program you will receive online lessons for you to learn about marriage, your spouse and yourself. You will gain valuable tips to enhance your relationship and your own mood. The time you spend reading and reflecting on each lesson will change your outlook on life and help you become a better you. You will learn how to love your spouse and yourself. On average you will need to spend about an hour each week reading each lesson alone. Then when you get together with your spouse during your weekly date and 5 hours together you will discuss the lesson together. This will deepen your intimacy and improve your relationship.


Probably the single most effective aspect of this program is prayer. Prayer changes things! The family that prays together stays together. Most of the couples in the program need a miracle to turn around their marriage. Bad feelings often have overtaken all the good feelings. Many are convinced that their spouse can’t change. What I have learned in my life is that God can change anybody. And He can change any situation. That is why we must reach out to Him for help. Prayer is our connection with God. As we speak to Him, He speaks to us. Making God the center of our wellness makes him the authority in our lives. This levels the playing field for couples as they now must live up to God’s expectations.

Join us for private coaching sessions, online courses, and group experiences to help you heal from past hurts and improve communication. Connect with other couples during our weekly classes and annual Sizzling Hot Marriage Summit. Start building a stronger, healthier relationship today!

Fighting? Change Your Tune With 1 on 1 Counseling!

Do your disagreements about little things tend to become big arguments? We help couples save their marriage by teaching them how to communicate and understand each other. This is your opportunity to change unproductive patterns and be transformed into loving and respectful partners. My approach includes one-on-one therapy/coaching, online courses and group experiences.

Private Coaching

Nothing can compare to having your personal coach listen and keep you motivated to move toward your personal and marital goals. Over the next 12-months you will enjoy individual, couple and family sessions designed to help you heal from the past and learn how to communicate effectively and love each other. The Sizzling Hot Marriage Coaching Program includes coaching sessions throughout your yearlong subscription.

Group Interaction

A big part of the change process comes from your interaction with other couples in the program. Other couples seeking to grow their marriage will be a positive influence that will drive you to be a better spouse. It is amazing to experience the synergy that happens when several couples who are hungry for a better marriage get together. During the Sizzle Mindset Retreat you will get to know the other couples in your cohort as you kick off this program. You will have an opportunity to interact with the other couples on a weekly basis during our weekly class on Sunday evenings at 6 pm CST. You will have the opportunity to get together with all the couples during the annual Sizzling Hot Marriage Summit.

Rebuilding trust after an affair or intense bickering is tough but not impossible. Invest in your marriage by learning to forgive, communicate effectively, and love yourself. Over the next 12 months, the Sizzling Hot Marriage Coaching Program offers four intervention methods to produce a change in your marriage. This approach includes one-on-one therapy, online courses, group experiences, and a path to building a strong foundation for lasting happiness.

Forgive & Love Yourself

You have made the decision that you have invested too much into your marriage to just throw it all away. Smart choice! The pain of an affair will dissipate as you rebuild a brand new mutually satisfying relationship. You both must learn how to forgive and acknowledge your contribution to your marital woes. You must learn how to communicate effectively. You must mature emotionally and socially. You must learn to forgive and love yourself. You must be able to love your spouse when they are attacking you. The guilty spouse must be open to living under a magnifying glass to rebuild their credibility with your spouse.

The Path to Rebuilding Trust

The path to getting back on the same team after an affair or intense bickering may be long and hard but it is not impossible. When couples are not able to get their needs met within their relationship, they naturally look to other sources to find happiness. But most people don’t really know how to be happy. I will teach you! Take the next 12 months to focus on building a strong foundation for lasting happiness in your marriage. My Sizzling Hot Marriage Coaching Program employs four intervention methods to produce change in your marriage. Couples who have completed this program report a satisfying marriage they never thought was possible.

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