Make Your Appointment Today! Need to talk to a marriage counselor about your marriage or relationship? At Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching we believe in saving marriages and families. Are you experiencing problems with divorce, separation, infidelity, spousal abuse, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, parenting, emotional affairs, sex addiction, pornography, anger management, PTSD, sexual problems, debt or financial hardship or the effects of an affair. If you are spiraling out of control check out our Recovery Program. Are you thinking about getting married and are in need of a Christian marriage therapist or coach? No matter where you live WE CAN HELP! Learn what it takes to keep things hot in your marriage at

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  • Getting in Shape
    Getting in Shape

    Is your fitness routine sporadic? If so you are a lot like me. I’ve been starting and stopping it seems all my life. So my wife and I started back at the gym in hopes of one more time getting buff (and getting rid of some of these unsightly bulges). The fact of the matter is…

  • Lose Weight!

    Our Weight Loss Program is designed to help you achieve health and wellness.

  • Resolve Issues!

    Individual, family, and couple therapy can help you discover solutions to those serious problems getting in the way of enjoying your life.

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