Does Tele-therapy Work?

I say YES unequivocally. I have been using it for years in my practice and find it to be as effective and in some cases more effective than in-person therapy. 

Teletherapy is described as any sort of consumer contact through a third-party network where advice is offered remotely without being in person. Communication channels can include mobile, Skype, face time, hangouts, text, and email.

Why Us?

Specializing in personalized marriage counseling, coaching, and therapy, we are able to help couples in need – in the comfort of their very own homes. Just as with regular sessions, we use technology to connect with our clients – and take on the typical issues that marriages generally face such as conflict avoidance, affair recovery, and more.

A Deeper Focus On What Is Being Said

With teletherapy; individuals can focus less on their appearance and trying to impress the other party, and more on the actual communication being had before, during, and after a session. Less worry about appearance allows for more preparation for the meetings (preparing questions beforehand), is a cause for less distraction during the meetings, and allows for deeper reflection after the meetings.

Will Tele Therapy Really Work?

In the past decade; studies have shown that tele health has become an even more suitable scenario for couples in marriage therapy than in house sessions. This is for many reasons but we will cover a few of the top reasons here.

Comfort Of Home

We all feel better when we are in the comfort of our own home. Studies suggest that telecommunication from home allows for participants to speak their mind more freely. Particularly in marriage therapy sessions, this comfort gives way to a deeper conversation with less draw back on the more touchy subjects.


The hustle and bustle of every day life can be so overwhelming. We try to keep our schedules on our phones, computers, and written paper schedules in our purses/bags.

Typically we are able to keep things organized. When it comes to scheduling a tele therapy session – it is easy for all parties as they do not have to travel anywhere and can enjoy their session right form home. This is especially helpful in marriage therapy when both have to coordinate their schedules to meet in the same place. Tele therapy simply makes scheduling so much more convenient.

As a result there is a much lower risk of canceled sessions by either party.

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