Who would have thought that the first thing to go when couples have problems is sex?

It appears that the denial of sex is the ultimate message of disapproval to a spouse. Many marriages are actually sexless marriages because they have less than 14 sexual encounters a year. Some couple’s simply neglect sex not realizing the important role it plays in marriage. For no good reason they deny their spouse a regular, healthy sex life. Maybe they are too busy or something. Some have health issues that negatively impact the sex life. Some have unresolved emotional issues that keep them guarded and closed sexually. Others in frustration, hurt, disappointment, suppressed and expressed anger may decide to use sex as a tool to get their way. One might say, “Maybe if I stop having sex with them they will know how important this is to me and change their ways.” But two can play that game. In fact, the betrayal often gets more intense as one chooses to get their needs met by someone else. This can become a circus after a while with multiple clowns making a fool of themselves center stage.

Is your marriage in balance sexually? If you want to be sure ask your spouse. Most couples have room for improvement. Where ever you are on your marital path, if you both want a better marriage, you can have one. Matter of fact, even if just one of you wants a better marriage you can have it. But you’re going to have to do some work. There is hope for your marriage if you are willing to do the work. Enroll in our Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker Program and enrich your marriage. It can only get better.

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