The Power of a Smile :-)

So after leaving my office this afternoon I passed by a pedestrian who appeared to have been on a long walk in the hot humid 90 degree Alabama sun. As I tried to carefully navigate my vehicle to avoid a collision with her our eyes connected. I smiled and she smiled back. I’m sure she was weary but not too much so that she couldn’t politely return my smile. Now with the likelihood we will never see each other again there was really no need for either of us to smile. We could have both just focused on our destination and looked the other way. I don’t know what impact, if any, my smile had on her. Maybe some encouragement for the rest of her journey. But I know for me, her smile made my day. My encouragement for you today is don’t take socially mundane etiquette for granted. Your ‘hello how are you’, handshake or return smile could very well be a difference maker in someone’s day.

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