Stop Arguing

Fighting? Change Your Tune With 1 on 1 Counseling!

Do your disagreements about little things tend to become big arguments? We help couples save their marriage by teaching them how to communicate and understand each other. This is your opportunity to change unproductive patterns and be transformed into loving and respectful partners. My approach includes one-on-one therapy/coaching, online courses and group experiences.

Private Coaching

Nothing can compare to having your personal coach listen and keep you motivated to move toward your personal and marital goals. Over the next 12-months you will enjoy individual, couple and family sessions designed to help you heal from the past and learn how to communicate effectively and love each other. The Sizzling Hot Marriage Coaching Program includes coaching sessions throughout your yearlong subscription.

Group Interaction

A big part of the change process comes from your interaction with other couples in the program. Other couples seeking to grow their marriage will be a positive influence that will drive you to be a better spouse. It is amazing to experience the synergy that happens when several couples who are hungry for a better marriage get together. During the Sizzle Mindset Retreat you will get to know the other couples in your cohort as you kick off this program. You will have an opportunity to interact with the other couples on a weekly basis during our weekly class on Sunday evenings at 6 pm CST. You will have the opportunity to get together with all the couples during the annual Sizzling Hot Marriage Summit.

Learn how to Get your Sizzle Back and Stop Arguing