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Is your marriage in need of a boost? Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Joseph L. Follette, Jr. has been helping couples get their grove back for over 20 years.

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There is hope for you marriage! No matter how distant you have become or pain you may be feeling right now, you can turn things around. Many couples have.

Solutions for Even the Most Complicated Situations

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The first step to turning things around in your marriage is knowing where you are. Take the “Hot or Not” quiz to do a quick assessment of your marriage.


Educate yourself and get exposed to the information that can help you turn things around in your marriage. Choose from specially selected books and courses to help you address the specific issues you are facing.


Therapy and coaching is a very personalized way to get to the bottom of the issues and get motivated to change. You will enjoy sharing what’s on your mind and getting challenged to see things differently.


See what upcoming seminars, presentations or retreats peak your interest. Interact with other couples seeking to enjoy a Sizzling Hot Marriage.

Happy couple

Ron and Melanie

Fell Out of Love

“We had really focused on the kids and failed to focus on us. Therapy has helped us to find commonality again.”



Sexual Abuse

“Couldn’t have believed the sexual abuse I endured as a kid would potentially ruin my marriage. Therapy has helped me to make peace with my past and save my marriage.”

Happy Couple

Anthony and Natalie

Affair Recovery

“I have grown so much since getting into therapy. I am a much better man and husband.”

Recovering Addict


Porn Addiction

“The men’s group has introduced me to a whole new world. A world without porn and masturbation. It feels so good to no longer have to do it.”

Ready to eliminate arguing in your marriage? Tired of feeling crappy all the time? Ready to work on your marriage?

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