Sex Addiction Treatment Program

Sex and Pornography Addiction Treatment Program

Sex is one of our basic needs as humans. God designed it and it is good. But it is good only within the context in which He designed it. Taken outside of that context, sex becomes a destructive force for evil. Sex was designed for a husband and a wife, a man and a woman, who are in a committed monogamous relationship for life. It is something God designed for them to enjoy, to procreate and to express their commitment to one another on a frequent basis. Outside of these parameters, sex becomes destructive.

Today almost anything goes sexually. Premarital sex is accepted and even promoted. Losing ones virginity as a teen is almost expected. Boys and girls often brag about the number of sexual encounters they have had with several people. Same sex sex is now socially acceptable. Virtual sex with pornography, chat rooms and sexting has gone viral. Prostitution and human sex trafficking are big business around the globe. Sex between adults and children is on the rise leading to a large percentage of people being damaged sexually before their adulthood. This often leads to sexual problems between husbands and wives. Sexual obsessions often drive individuals into committing violent sex acts. Not much less violent is breaking the marital vow and committing adultery. An act which has led to so many broken relationships and families. Too many children grow up without their biological father and mother as a result of a parent or parents who were unfaithful to one another.

Maintaining a healthy sexual relationship in marriage is no small task. Marriage requires the ability to negotiate and compromise. It requires personal growth. So many are unprepared for the rigors of marriage and find themselves seeking out others to meet their companionship and sexual needs. Simply learning the essentials of communication and conflict resolution would tremendously reduce the numbers of premature sexual engagement and ultimate relationship breakups.

Once introduced to aberrant sexuality (sexual perversion) it is very difficult to become healthy sexually without the help of someone else. Sexual healing is possible. But because of the embarrassing nature of one’s sexual sins, many are not willing to admit they have a problem and seek help. It is only when they have been caught by the one they are supposed to be faithful to or the police that they are willing to seek help.

Lifestyle offers a sex and pornography addiction recovery program to help individuals restore their dignity and couples preserve their relationship. Sexual deviance is very difficult to overcome in marital relationships because just as difficult it is for the one acting out sexually to stop it is difficult for the hurt spouse to forgive and regain trust. Treatment is essential to navigate the difficult terrain of recovering together. Many couples survive sexual deviance but never restore their relationship. It is possible to have a vibrant and fulfilling marriage post affair with proper treatment. The Lifestyle Affair Recovery Program has helped many couples work through sexual addiction issues.

Get started now overcoming your sex addiction, preparing for marriage or restoring your marriage today!