Resolve the Underlying Conflict

Moving Past the Conflict

Affairs never happen in a vacuum. The relationship must be ripe for an affair. Affairs usually happen when couples have drifted apart over time. Affairs are usually the result of not listening to one another’s pleas for time, attention and sex. Couples get in this condition from unresolved issues. Some of those issues might be past abuse, pornography/sex addiction, low self-esteem, parental divorce, communication issues, etc. To move forward in your marriage, you’ve got to resolve these unresolved issues. It’s a long road to recovery after an affair. Make it a successful journey with Lifestyle.

Personal Reflection

During the program you will receive online lessons for you to learn about marriage, your spouse and yourself. You will gain valuable tips to enhance your relationship and your own mood. The time you spend reading and reflecting on each lesson will change your outlook on life and help you become a better you. You will learn how to love your spouse and yourself. On average you will need to spend about an hour each week reading each lesson alone. Then when you get together with your spouse during your weekly date and 5 hours together you will discuss the lesson together. This will deepen your intimacy and improve your relationship.


Probably the single most effective aspect of this program is prayer. Prayer changes things! The family that prays together stays together. Most of the couples in the program need a miracle to turn around their marriage. Bad feelings often have overtaken all the good feelings. Many are convinced that their spouse can’t change. What I have learned in my life is that God can change anybody. And He can change any situation. That is why we must reach out to Him for help. Prayer is our connection with God. As we speak to Him, He speaks to us. Making God the center of our wellness makes him the authority in our lives. This levels the playing field for couples as they now must live up to God’s expectations.

Learn how to Get your Sizzle Back and Resolve Underlying Issues