The Sizzle Mindset Marriage Retreat


The Sizzle Mindset Marriage Retreat is an intense 4-Day journey to restore your marriage.


Do you need to rekindle your love in your marriage?

Have you drifted apart?

Are you arguing all the time?

Are you seeking to save your marriage after an affair or other tragedy?

Marriage is It is a lifetime journey filled with peaks and valleys. Nobody can predict what they will experience on this path.  Author and licensed marriage and family therapist, Joseph L. Follette, Jr., helps couples who have gotten lost on this journey find their way back to feeling in love with each other again. He will take you through the Seven Secrets to Keep the Passion Alive in Your Marriage so you can grow into a Sizzle Mindset. During these four intense days you will experience the full range of emotions as you address issues and learn new communication and intimacy skills. You will engage on this journey to renewed passion in the company of other couples searching for the same thing as you.You will also receive some couple therapy time. If you are seeking to restore your marriage there is no better way to reignite the spark of love than to attend a SIZZLE MINDSET Marriage Retreat.


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