No Sex?

You know your marriage is struggling when the sex starts to disappear. Sex is an integral part of marriage. Even if for health reasons you are unable to have sex you still can be sexual with your spouse. If you feel like you have a good reason to not have sex with your spouse you have enough reason to get some therapy for your marriage. There is no reason to go for months and even years in a sexless marriage. There may be some complex issues underlying your marital problems. Take the time to work through them. You both will be the better for it. The Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker program provides a lesson by lesson path for you to work together through your issues. This online course will help you work on the skills happy healthy couples possess.

Published by

Joseph Follette

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist I have the privilege of talking to people and helping them make positive changes in their lives. I'm glad to be a part of helping people become all that God wants them to be. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need my services. (256) 850-4426 Get a copy of my recently published book, "The Sizzle Mindset: Seven Secrets to Keep the Passion Alive in Your Marriage". BUY NOW

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