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Hi I’m Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Joseph L. Follette, Jr., You can call me Joe. Feel free to learn more about me here. 

Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching is committed to taking you on a journey to make sustaining changes in your marriage. We accomplish this by utilizing a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes individual and couple therapy along with group coaching experiences. Including other couples in the therapeutic process ups the game. Not only will you build lifelong relationships with other couples, you become a part of a strong marriage support system – the Sizzling Hot Marriage Community. Listen to what couples say about my program.

Complete the New Client Screening Questionnaire to get started working with us. This screen will help us make sure we are the best fit for you and ensure your success and satisfaction with our services.

Our treatment offers multifaceted integrated long-term treatment options for heterosexual couples in troubled marital relationships – married or living together. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all services are provided via video conferencing and phone safely, confidentially and conveniently wherever you are in the world.

Our non-traditional treatment approach is not covered by most insurance companies. If we are in network with your insurance company, our 1 on 1 therapy level of care portion of treatment may be covered for Alabama residents who are primarily covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. We are out of network for Tricare and Humana and do not take EAP plans like American Behavioral, Behavior Health Systems and Cigna.

If you are looking for a life-changing marriage transformation program designed to save marriages from the brink of divorce, look no further.

Our goal is for you to say your life and relationship changed for the better at Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching. You invested in yourself and got a positive return on your investment.

Our systems theory based transformation program follows the Transtheoretical Model of Change moving clients from thinking about change to maintaining change. Our goal is third order change which tends to be permanent and not temporary. 

How to Get Started?

I offer three levels of care: Self-study, Group Coaching, and Therapy. You must complete level one, self-study, to advance to the others. If you are ready to work on your marriage schedule your appointment. If you would like to jump in and get started learning my marriage saving principles, get your copy of my resources below. In my Sizzle Mindset Blueprint you can get started learning the 7 elements of a Sizzling Hot Marriage. In treatment I will be working with you to establish these 7 principles in your marital relationship. This will bring peace and satisfaction to your relationship.

Get a Jump Start Working On Your Marriage

Here are some free and paid resources for your marriage

Sizzle Mindset Blueprint

Get a snapshot of what happy couples do to keep their marriages sizzling hot. You do this and your marriage will get hot too!

Sizzling Hot Marriage To Do List

If you have no clue what to do to create a wonderful marriage, this To Do List will point you in the right direction.

Communication Blockers

Been wondering why you can't have a productive conversation? This list will show you all the bad stuff you are doing.

Clueless Why You Are Not Getting Along?

So many couples struggle because they didn't have good examples to teach them how to have a happy marriage. When you finish reading this book you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to have a Sizzling Hot Marriage. Get the Sizzle Mindset book and Workbook here.


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