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How to Stop Arguing: Establish a Baseline

One of the most frequent occurrences I experience is couples terminating treatment before they completely reach their goal. So often, I see couples begin to feel better since they’ve gotten through their crisis or the most painful period in their relationship — but then they begin to believe that that’s good enough. While in reality they haven’t reached their goals or built the skills they need to maintain their relationship progress. Many couples find their way back to me after more damage has occurred. I recommend that couples establish a baseline marker for where they currently are in their relationship that points to where they want to be. At any time during the process of change, couples can check in to see how they are progressing toward building a happy marriage. Take the test now to see how you are doing in your marriage and establish your baseline.

Take a Quiz to Establish a Baseline

Marriage Assessment

The marriage assessment is an effective way to check in and see how you are doing as a couple. Your first time taking it will provide you a baseline to check your growth when you take the test again in the future. Answer questions based on how you feel currently in this marriage not on the past or what you are hoping for in the future.

Hot or Not Marriage Quiz

Marriage can be difficult. So many get married never expecting challenges. The problem is that marriage contains two imperfect people who often have some deep issues. These issues throw cold water on your hot flame.

Take this short quiz to see how hot your marriage is.

Marriage Quiz

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