End the Affair

I’ve been helping couples recover from affairs, sex and pornography addiction, and severe conflict for over 20 years. Whether you have experienced an affair or are trying to avoid one I can help you work through your issues to achieve a Sizzling Hot Marriage! Learn more about affairs here.


How can you work on two relationships at one time? You Can’t! You must decide what really matters in your life. You must get out of the fantasy world thinking this other person is the answer to all of what you have been missing in your life. If your marriage sucks you’ve got to stop putting all the blame for that on your spouse. What is the likelihood that your poor relationship skills will show up in your next relationship? Come into reality – you need to fix yourself and stop looking to others for solving your personal problems. Stop blaming your spouse for your bad behaviors. Stop dragging another person into your folly. Stop hurting yourself.

Learn how to Get your Sizzle Back after an affair

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