Here in Huntsville we are experiencing an unusual drought. In fact, the entire state of Alabama is experiencing drought conditions. My county has been declared to be in a state of emergency for agricultural drought conditions. From what I can see we haven’t had any significant rainy days since February this year. I didn’t see any rain since August.

Drought conditions have a damning affect on agriculture. Farmers are not only able to feed their livestock and water their crops, they often have difficulty feeding their family. Reduced harvest affect the entire region. It places the region at risk for wildfires as well. The recent Fort McMurray fire in Alberta Canada which displaced an entire city of 80,0couplekissingonparchedground00 people was a result of an extended drought. Drought conditions can have devastating impacts upon the population. Looking at the historical record in the Bible we can see entire nations turning to God for mercy for a lack of rain. Maybe this is a reminder of our dependence upon God.

Drought conditions can hit relationships as well. All relationships pass through seasons. But sometimes there are extended drought conditions. These drought conditions can present many hazards that can potentially dry up the relationship. I’ve heard many couples explain the condition of their marriage to be a result of their growing apart. This is simple code language to mean we didn’t water our marriage and it dried up.

Don’t allow your relationship to hit a state of emergency. Stay connected with regular dates and spending quality time together. Don’t go through life not talking and arguing all the time. If you are at a dried up state, you may need to ask God for some rain.

I have a download at SizzlingHotMarriage.com containing tips that will water your marriage. Take advantage of this information to keep your relationship alive and well. It is my hope and purpose to be a positive resource keeping marriages healthy and happy.

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Joseph Follette

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