DJ Ozone’s Lifestyle Page

DJ Ozone's Lifestyle Page

DJ Ozone Shares His Story of Reviving His Lifestyle Plan

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One thought on “DJ Ozone’s Lifestyle Page”

  1. Orlando Guerra says:

    This is the beginning of my journey to finding a balance of Faith, Fitness, Family, and Finance. This is a story that had a happy ending and then with some professional success, began to spiral out of control again. I have struggled with obesity my whole life and diabetes most of my life. I had it all figured out until I began to achieve some success in making a career out of something I absolutely love to do. My schedule is beyond chaotic and has played a huge part in my neglect of my personal health, fitness, and family life. I have sought Life Coaching and Therapy to help sort all the chaos and find my balance again. I am working with the best in the business and I am blessed to have them agree to help me create a successful journey to happiness with a healthy balance of Faith, Fitness, Family, and Finance. I am very blessed to have the help of Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching​. Joseph and Claudia Follette are the keys to my success. Claudia Follette is providing Registered Dietitian services and Joseph Follette is providing behavioral and Life Coaching Therapy. These are the most important elements in my journey to health and life balance. Over the next few weeks you will see lots of coverage, intimate interviews, and various other types of footage that will be published on multiple platforms as we will take the best parts of all this footage and put together a final product that will look much like the format of a reality show or biographical documentary.

    Our first step in this journey is focusing on Family and Marriage. I strongly encourage other couples to join us now. We are just starting and it would be great to work with other couples to not only fix issues, but also build on and enhance the happiness in your relationship. Joseph has decided to offer a special discount to those that express a real interest in joining us! `~ DJ Ozone

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