What to Expect in Couples Therapy

What to Expect in Couple's Therapy

  1.  Congratulations for deciding to invest in therapy for your family. It potentially will have a positive impact on your relationship, your personal happiness, and the happiness of generations to follow you.
  2. In therapy you will greatly improve your communication skills which are essential for individual mental health and productive relationships.
  3. I will listen to you with a therapeutic ear and help you develop your goals and hopes for positive therapy outcomes.
  4. We will set a timeline for this process in the treatment plan I will provide for you.
  5. While I encourage you to speak up and share freely what is on your mind, I would like you to remember that in this role of therapist I am your Moses leading you out of the bondage of discord and distrust in your relationship to the promised land of peace and mutual martial satisfaction. With this in mind I need you to follow the following rules:
    1. What you share with me stays confidential between you and me. I don’t claim to keep secrets between spouses. However, I will be careful with any confidential information you share with me when you meet with me one on one.
    2. Know that your confidentiality is limited. Your insurance payer may request your records. The legal system may subpoena your records. You may request me to send your records but must provide a signed release of information.
    3. I tend to have a very direct approach as a therapist. I will tell you what I think. I figured that is what you came to me for – my opinion on your situation. But please note that me sharing my opinion in no way implies that you must do what I say or that I am reponsible for what you end up doing.
    4. I am assuming that you are seeking some positive changes in your life. Change suggests that there will be some conflict and confrontation in this process. If you are going to change you cannot keep thinking the same way and doing the same thing. I am not here to go along and agree with you. I aim to be as gentle as possible but unfortunately you may feel uncomfortable at times. Please know that that is a part of this process and something actually you should welcome iF you really are seeking change. Please let me know if you disagree with me or at any time you need more clarification on any thing I say.
    5. Please carefully and honestly quote me.
    6. Only one person can talk at a time.
    7. You two will pass the floor to take turns talking. As the facilitator, I may interrupt you at times to give you feedback, instruction or encouragement.
    8. We should all stay at a conversational tone during our discussions. Obviously, we are discussing sensitive topics that you feel very passionate about. You may not have learned to express your anger appropriately. I encourage you to name your negative emotions rather than act them out. Just say I feel angry right now.
    9. If you get so frustrated or angry that you raise your voice, we will all take a 30 second pause to sympathize with your emotions and immediately reflect what we are hearing you say.
    10. This is a safe environment and my hope will be that it is an example of how things should be in your home. At any time you are free to leave and end this process. However, I ask that you remain respectful, stay seated and not leave the room out of anger or other negative emotion.
    11. My goal is for you to leave each session in a better place than when you entered.
    12. Each session will last approximately 50 minutes. If we go beyond that additional charges will accrue that your insurance company may not pay. I will let you know when it is time to quit or entering an additional session.
    13. If you are late please don’t expect your full 50 minutes. If I am late I will ensure that you get your full 50 minutes.
    14. Payment is due at the beginning of each session. You may pay online after you check in to save time during the session.
    15. I have two treatment programs for individuals who qualify. These programs are generally contracted 3 months at a time.
      1. The Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker program is for couples who desire to go beyond therapy to mature their marriage. This program includes assessment, online coursework, dates and weekly feedback/therapy sessions with the therapist.
      2. The Life Recovery program is for individuals seeking to regain control of their mind and behaviors. These individuals have addictive disorders including substance abuse, sexual acting out, codependency, perfectionism, explosive anger and other compulsive tendencies that are interfering with healthy relationship development.
    16. Program fees are separate from therapy fees and they must be paid separately from therapy fees. Program fees cover the cost of the extra work I do outside of our time together here. That includes phone calls, texts, and managing the online curriculum. It also includes the benefits of group membership if the recovery program is recommended to you.
  6. What are my fees? Most of our in-person clients use their insurance to cover most of their costs. Insurance fees include a deductible and copayment or coinsurance. We will be glad to help you verify your benefits. Other clients, including eTherapy, pay cash based on our income based sliding scale. The program fees are separate from therapy fees and average $1000 per program.
  7. What is my treatment plan? During our first session I will do a preliminary assessment and make a treatment plan for you. Your plan will include your goals for treatment, what therapy and frequency is recommended, what programs are recommended and estimated endurance of treatment.
  8. Anything we must do before we come? All couples must take the Prepare-Enrich Relationship Assessment prior to their first visit.
  9. If you have any additional questions about the therapy process please feel free to inquire at admin@lifestyletherapycoach.com?