Commit to Rebuilding Trust

Forgive & Love Yourself

You have made the decision that you have invested too much into your marriage to just throw it all away. Smart choice! The pain of an affair will dissipate as you rebuild a brand new mutually satisfying relationship. You both must learn how to forgive and acknowledge your contribution to your marital woes. You must learn how to communicate effectively. You must mature emotionally and socially. You must learn to forgive and love yourself. You must be able to love your spouse when they are attacking you. The guilty spouse must be open to living under a magnifying glass to rebuild their credibility with your spouse.

The Path to Rebuilding Trust

The path to getting back on the same team after an affair or intense bickering may be long and hard but it is not impossible. When couples are not able to get their needs met within their relationship, they naturally look to other sources to find happiness. But most people don’t really know how to be happy. I will teach you! Take the next 12 months to focus on building a strong foundation for lasting happiness in your marriage. My Sizzling Hot Marriage Coaching Program employs four intervention methods to produce change in your marriage. Couples who have completed this program report a satisfying marriage they never thought was possible.

Learn how to Get your Sizzle Back and rebuild trust

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