Cell Phone Addiction: Health Effects

Whenever my nephew needs to figure something out, he pulls out his cell phone. He can get from problem to solution in a matter of seconds. As impressive as that would seem for a ten-year-old, I was doing that without a smartphone at the same age — not to brag. Sadly, it seems that thinking has become something you do only when you don’t have the internet close by. That thought leads us to ask, is cell phone addiction becoming normal and almost expected?

Just like any addiction, cell phone addiction can have negative consequences on your life and on those around you. It can affect your emotional, intellectual, and physical health.

Cell Phone Addiction: Health Effects

Here are some ways cell phone addiction can negatively affect you and your family and some tips to fight the addiction:

Cell Phone Addiction: Changing the Learning Process

Our cell phone addiction has turned the learning process on its head. Now, instead of memorizing concepts, we just look them up. Math study apps give us our answers on demand during homework. But back in the day, we memorized the sin and cosine tables. We had to work out a solution. The test was never about if I knew whereto find the answers.

If you notice your cell phone is keeping you from learning, try putting your phone in another room while you work on a project. Sure, you can’t quickly look something up, but it will force you to think something through. You might be surprised by how much you know.

Cell Phone Addiction: Health Effects

Cell Phone Addiction: Shortening Attention Spans

Even when we should be concentrating at work or in a class, we get distracted by our cell phone addiction. We are constantly getting notifications for text messages, games, weather apps, and news apps, and these notification make sure we are always looking at a small screen for a large chunk of the day. Imagine how much of what actually happens around us we miss because of this attention-fuelled gadget.

Enjoying time with family even gets overtaken with our cell phone addiction. Instead of enjoying time together playing a board game, that time has been diverted to staying up to date with social media platforms and reaching new high scores on games. We all know we’ve been to a dinner where we all end up on our smartphones. And there’s always that one person watching football or basketball on their phone giving a play-by-play, and sometimes they’re typing their play-by-play on Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Now if that isn’t a cell phone addiction, I don’t know what is.

At work, having a smartphone next to your laptop keeps the fear of missing out alive, so sometimes you pick it up, right? But if we had to count the number of working hours lost because of cell phone addiction, my bet is it amounts to millions every year.

If you notice your cell phone is getting in the way of your work or family time, try a cell phone cleanse. That means you’ll decide on a set few times each day when you can check your phone for calls or messages, but other than that, your phone is turned off. Try this for a week and watch your ability to get things done improve. A therapist can help you through your addiction and help you track your progress.

Cell Phone Addiction: Health Effects

Cell Phone Addiction: Changing Communication

My niece responds to verbal communication with smiley faces. I would love to have a full conversation with her, but she’s not always so responsive. A side effect of our cell phone addiction is that we’ve stopped talking like we used to. First, we wrote letters, and then we could write emails. They were meaningful and took time to craft. Even instant messenger was a better form of communication because people would sit down and dedicate time to a conversation. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case with texting and cell phone addiction nowadays.

I’ve always been a face to face person and a message that comes from someone standing right in front of me or a message that’s physically passed across a room by being can hold more weight (both literally and figuratively) than a message sent via text. With over 3 billion text messages sent on a daily basis through WhatsApp, many people look to be losing their desire to open their mouths to say something.

If you want to improve your communication skills, try writing a letter or email every once in a while. If you can’t live without texting, try to make your text conversations more meaningful. There’s no reason why we can’t incorporate good communication into a text message.

Cell Phone Addiction: Health Effects

Cell Phone Addiction: Affecting Physical Health

Kids nowadays seem to be looking for something less demanding to spend their time on. You give them the choice between playing a soccer video game on a phone and real soccer, and they want to sit inside and play the cell phone version. But I remember closing off sections of the street and turning that into our stadium. Scores of children would spend holidays sweating and learning team skills.

Very few of us were aware of obesity and a string of diseases, but now, the general health of our children is at its worst. And unless we change how we go about our lives, things are only going to get worse. Cell phone addiction can lead to physical inactivity for children that can be harmful for their physical health.

Is cell phones are getting in the way of physical health, then you might need help from someone else. Maybe a family member or a professional can help you go through your apps and help you decide which ones to delete. Getting rid of time-consuming apps can help you refocus your time and use it on something that will keep you healthy.

Cell Phone Addiction: Health Effects

Cell phone addiction can cause of world of trouble. I mean, when 60% of young people have dropped their cell phone on their face, that shows they’re probably spending too much time on their phone. And when our eyes fixed on a small screen for so long, we miss out on what’s happening around us. So, if you’re addicted to your phone, you have a couple options. You can get some help from a professional, you can decide on a time of day where you put your cell phone away, or you can get rid of your cell phone (but that might not be completely realistic).



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Don’t Get Discouraged!

Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued a Public Health Advisory stating that more Americans should be prepared to help victims suffering from opioid overdose by routinely carrying the drug Naloxone, a drug known to reverse the affects of opioids. In 2016, 42,249 people died from opioid overdose. That represents 119 people dying a very preventable death each day. What a heart breaking reality we are facing in America.

This opioid epidemic brings to my mind how powerful these drugs are at discouraging the human spirit to live and overcome obstacles. Addiction overrides our natural instinct to avoid things that will harm us. More of the drug is taken knowing that it may even cause death. Addicts can get to the place where their desire for the drug is so strong they get discouraged and give up hope to ever be freed. In this state of mind many just resign themselves to being lifetime addicts. And some may indeed intentionally overdose in exhaustion from the struggle.

The temptation to give up a difficult struggle is real. Whether it is a difficult marriage, a challenging class, a disabling illness, an impossible child – the temptation to quit and give up is an obvious option. When you are bombarded with heavy expectations that continue to be unmet there is always a temptation to give up and quit in an effort to remove the stress caused by the expectation.

The temptation to quit when things are hard and difficult is really a natural response to pain. Pain is a sensation that lets you know something is not right and may possibly be harmful for you. Homeostasis is that stable state all organisms and systems tend to seek that is self-preserving and safe. It is that normal relaxed status quo that makes up our comfort zone. When this comfort is disturbed all systems are activated to get things back to normal. This is why it is so hard to go to the gym and to keep exercising when it starts to hurt. That is why criticism often leads to defensiveness. The temptation to quit is often unbearable and irresistible because it feels like you are going to die. In order to keep from quitting one must overcome the urge with contrasting thoughts that say you are not going to die.

The old adage “no pain, no gain!” brings to my mind the picture of someone struggling to lift that last rep on the bench press. You’re not going to die but it sure feels like it. In these situations you must push through through the pain to reach your goals. In this sense, ignoring the pain is mostly a good thing.

But to avoid personal damage, that “you’re not going to die” thought should be truth based. It is very easy for us to slip into denial to convince

ourselves that what we are doing is not going to cause us harm when in actuality it will. Engaging in a forbidden relationship is an example of fooling oneself to think what they are doing will cause no harm. It is painful to resist lustful and infatuated feelings. But the truth that not resisting these emotions will ultimately cause you more harm must prevail. The truth, unfortunately, is often misaligned by popular opinion and behavior. Ignoring it though, leads to the demise of many.

Opioid overdose, the most popular preventable cause of death today, is often an example of being in denial about the truth that this thing will kill you. The pain of withdrawal really is the best option. Instead of the addict saying to themselves “I’ll be alright!”, “I can handle it.” or in despair “This is overwhelming me!”, they should say “No matter how strong my desire for this drug it is not necessary for my survival. This is dangerous behavior that I must stop. I must avoid this behavior no matter how difficult in order to avoid more pain and pain to my loved ones.”

If you are going through a tough time right now let me encourage you to consider the source of that pain and whether the pain means quit doing what you are doing or keep pushing through it. It is very important to get wise counsel when facing this decision. Your counsel can make the difference between failure or success.

Whatever difficulties you are facing, setbacks you have experienced or mistakes you have made, don’t forget that God is with you. He will help you make it through this challenge. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. Keep trying! You may be just one strike away till the tree you have been banging on falls. Remember Thomas Edison’s light bulb worked on the one thousand and first attempt. You can do it!


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What do you practice?

My sister fowarded me this profound video today that was so remarkable I had to share it with my readers. Let me know what you think.


Are you doing the right things in your marriage? Sizzle Mindset: Seven Secrets to Keep the Passion Alive in Your Marriage has been written to encourage couples to focus on what really matters to keep things sizzling hot in their marriage.

Ready to take your marriage to the next level? The How to Stop Arguing and Build a Happy Marriage Course will take you there.

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Would you believe that between 18 and 24 million Americans are sex addicts? That means nearly 1 in 18 people are struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors. The sad part of this reality is the impact this compulsion has on marriage. Every day a spouse learns that the love of their life has been unfaithful to their vows. No matter whether their involvement was virtual or in person, it is no less devastating.

I have been helping couples facing this reality for many years now. I have great news. An affair or sexual addiction doesn’t have to mean the end of your marriage. But it does mean you have to be willing to let your marriage go. This may seem to be a contradiction but it isn’t. An affair is an addiction – a addiction to a person, a behavior, a thought or emotion. It is being driven by a false reality. Under the spell of the delusion of our own thoughts and emotions we all have the potential of being irrational and pathetic. If you are not happy in your relationship take action to make some changes. Don’t go out and start up another relationship with someone else. End one relationship before you start another. That’s much more rational and much less stressful. The reason why people get caught up in affairs is because they are unwilling to let go of their current relationship. The reason why injured spouses often experience multiple affairs with their spouse is because they have not come to a point of being willing to let go of the relationship. Holding on to something that isn’t yours is irrational. Once one partner lets go the cycle of addiction is broken. Now we can move on to address the real issues or let go of each other altogether.

Learning to let go is what I help people do. I help people see life without what they have held on so tightly to. Once a person experiences this freedom stress instantly goes away. Everybody is now responsible for themselves and their own happiness.

If you are someone you know is acting out sexually, whether in an all out affair or simply flirting sexually with others in person or virtually, I have a treatment option. Registration for my Fall sex addiction recovery program is now open. Call (256) 850-4426 to set up a Phone Consulatation. A family is a terrible thing to waste.

Learn more about our affair recovery and sex addiction recovery programs.

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