Are You Happy?

happy couple
Soulful Reflections
Happiness. Everybody wants it. The evidence is all around us testifying to the fact that everybody isn’t happy. Someone challenged me one time saying “you can’t be happy all the time – you are lying to yourself”. My response was simply I don’t always feel happy when things happen that cause me sadness, anger, frustration, worry, fear, etc. However, those times of feeling those negative feelings are generally short-lived and don’t destroy my happy feelings. Even the grief I felt when my parents died did not overshadow my happiness. The reason why I can stay happy when events occur I am not happy about is because I can usually find something to be happy about. For example, I was sad my parents died because I loved them and they loved me. However, I was happy that I had so many great times with them and I am so appreciative of what they did for me. That thought makes me happy. Learning to find a happy thought to overshadow the unhappy thought is the key to feeling happy most of the time and recovering quickly when disappointment occurs.
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