Adolescent Teen Counseling

Is Your Child in Trouble?

Let Us Help!

Taking a holistic approach we will help your family understand how you got to this point and how to build from here

What We Do

We provide an outlet for parents and families with children in trouble. The therapies we offer are designed to:

  • Strengthen parents and caregivers
  • Resolve the road blocks affecting the child
  • Help the child mature
  • Focus on the strengths of the home environment while improving its weaknesses
  • Provide the tools for parents and children that will prepare children for adulthood

Why Therapy

Your child may be in a stage of life were they are trying to discover themselves and their boundaries. Perhaps there is an unresolved emotional issue preventing them from moving forward in life.

We believe the role of parents and caregivers is to prepare their children for adulthood by gently letting them go. Some children have significant difficulty navigating through adolescence into adulthood. Our program helps parents successfully launch their children into adulthood.

Our Beliefs  & Values

The family and home are the most powerful influences on children’s development. We believe that developing a strong family requires that support of a community that is invested in the growth of the next generation.

We try to provide an atmosphere of support and believe:

  • Harmony comes from appreciating each other’s differences
  • Discipline defines reality
  • Growth is a process
  • Nurture is necessary
  • Live within your limitations while maximizing your support
  • Family is important
  • Time is precious
  • Fun is essential
  • Hope drives effort
  • Planning leads to success
  • We are responsible for our own emotions and actions

Who We Are

Joe FolletteJoseph L. Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT and owner of Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching has been practicing Marriage and family Therapy in this community for many years. He has specialized in addiction treatment in the context of families and marriage. His warm and humorous approach tends to help you let down your guard and open up.

Learn more about Joe at

Cost Considerations

Much like when its time to call the plumber none of us is too excited about the cost of services. But like fixing a stopped up sewer line brings relief so does therapy. Whether your issue is a simple repair or major overhaul, we can handle it. If you are attending the session in person, your health insurance plan may cover your fees minus your deductible and copayment/coinsurance. We offer an income based sliding scale to ensure everyone can afford our services. Call us at (256) 850-4426 for more information.