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Being committed and Its impact on your Marriage

Compromised commitment is the number one reason people fail to achieve their individual and relationship dreams and goals. In marriage spouses are always talking about what they want, but never put into action what it really takes to achieve what they really want. We all can testify to the fact that many marriages start out very strong, but when faced with obstacles they resort to quitting. The end result is due to lack of commitment.

There are many couples who enter marriages not totally committed. With that said, when difficulty arises they shut down or even threaten to divorce. This is due to not getting help and learning how to make their marriage right. Ofcourse couples start counseling sessions but do they really finish! Instead, things started getting better for a couple days, then boom! They are back to their old ways. This occurs because many spouses struggle with making or keeping commitment in their marriage.

We all can attest to the fact that to have a great marriage spouses must be 100% committed, not having one foot in and the other out. This means when criticisms arise they will know how to deal with them positively, both parties should be teachable, and dedicated to improving themselves. To be 100% committed, marriage has to be the number one priority. Time, energy and money has to be invested into the marriage. Schedule and daily routine will have to be adjusted. Yes we can truly say that we all can save our marriages by being 100% committed which will indeed help spouses to draw closer to each other, fulfill each other’s request without hesitation and feel a deep sense of stability and security in the marriage.

Joe Follette

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