Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell the people in your life that you love them. Some people don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and other “pagan” holidays as if things of “pagan” origin are inherently evil. You might be surprised how many there actually are. So check them out here.

Let me be clear, evil comes from breaking God’s ten commandments. You have to do a lot of spinning to prove that the ten commandments condemn “pagan” holidays. Holidays are not to be confused with holy days which were reserved for the worship of God or traditions in which you are actually worshiping any one or thing other than God. Since we are now under the new covenant the Old Testament holy days are no longer required to be kept. The only holy day is the seventh day Sabbath. Then they provide a contrary argument saying God’s commandments are under the old covenant. SMH! Those who eschew holidays need to consider that God clearly listed keeping the weekly Sabbath in the ten commandments and mentioned them in the New Testament. I believe keeping the Sabbath is clearly in line with God’s will in contrast to avoiding the “pagan” holidays. So be careful about getting caught up with those who would discourage you from doing the right thing based on a “fake news” reason.

I would encourage you to not miss any opportunity to say “I Love You!” to your sweet heart. Especially when everybody else is saying it to theirs.

Has your “In Love” feeling been waning or slightly drifting away? Are you having a hard time picking out an “honest” Valentine’s Day card? Maybe it’s time to get some marriage coaching to refresh that flame of love. Join my next Sizzling Hot Marriage Coaching class.

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