So many couples collapse in the seat of despair feeling no hope for their marriage. Satan is the enemy of our souls and our relationships. His job is to bring darkness and despair. But in God there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5. God’s presence dispels the darkness in your marriage. God’s presence helps us in our time of need!

I believe with all my heart God is with me. When couples step into my office or face me on their computer screen they are in the presence of God’s light shining through me. Over and over I have witnessed the transformative power of that light. I tend to see the worse cases. Couples come to see me who have already filed for divorce. I see couples ripped to pieces by affairs. I see couples swallowed up in drug and alcohol addiction. I see couples who have physically assaulted one another. I see couples who haven’t talked in months and couples who haven’t slept together in years. But they decide to give their marriage one more chance choosing to expose their darkness to another human being. But when you choose a counselor lit with the light of God’s love you are not just revealing your darkness to another human you are opening your marriage up to God. As we begin to talk and truth is revealed and acknowledged the wrinkles of despair once plastered on each face over time transforms into radiant smiles of satisfaction and contentment. That is only because the light of God has reentered the home.

If you are miserable in your marriage it is because Satan has been successful shielding your marriage from God’s light. I invite you to open the windows in your home and get Satan out. Allow God’s light to shine in your heart and you will receive help for your marriage.

No matter where you are located you can participate in one of my upcoming classes. My How to Stop Arguing and Build a Happy Marriage course is transforming marriages. Yours can be next. Click here to learn more and get enrolled.

Joe Follette

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