You are tired of feeling disgusted, disappointed, and disconnected with so much arguing in your marriage. You have begun looking for answers to solve your problem and renew your marriage. Then you stumbled upon my site and are now considering what I can do for you. Once you begin working with me, you will start to change unproductive behaviors, and your marriage will begin to feel better. At some point you will forget all of your progress and return to the old unproductive behaviors. Then you will have to work doubly hard to get back on the path of the good behaviors. Finally, you will either give up on changing altogether or achieve mastery of the desired behaviors. However, with that mastery comes the potential of returning to the old behaviors. This places you in a state of continually maintaining your mastery. This describes the process of change. It has been reported that it takes fifty-five days to establish a new habit. So if you want your change your marriage, I challenge you to dedicate the next few months to achieving that change.

My goal for all my clients is achieving what we call in family systems theory, the second order change. This is occurs when you truly have no desire for the old behaviors. Your mind is free from the old ways, and there is no need for maintenance. If you desire to change your marriage, then I encourage you to take the next couple of months to focus on improving your marriage. Continue this training by going to the next screen.

Do you want to stop arguing with your spouse? Does your marriage need help? Attend my next “How to Stop Arguing & Build a Happy Marriage” webinar where I share the secrets to a lasting marriage. Click the button below to sign up.

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