Change is wonderful. But to successfully change you must be positioned for change. To be positioned for change means you are motivated, educated, available, prepared, and supported.


Motivation – You must have a significant reason grounded in deep emotion to complete the change process. You must have a “Why?” that is compelling and captivating. Without an emotional reason to change, challenges and obstacles will easily discourage your attempts to change.

Education – Making the changes you desire requires following the path others have taken to be successful. This requires research and often help from others who can show you the way. You have to choose a path for change that feels right for you.

Available – You can want to change, but you are going to need resources to change. Whether that resource is time or money, you must give your change whatever it requires. Suppose you want to lose 20 pounds, and your plan requires preparing your lunch from home each day. You must have the time to make these lunches and the financial resources to purchase the needed foods for your lunches. If you are too busy or don’t have the money, you will not lose weight on your selected plan.

Preparation – To make changes, you must be prepared to make the sacrifices necessary. You can’t change if you are not prepared for the cravings to return to your old way, your old friends, places, and things. You won’t be able to change if you stop working on the plan you’re using.

Support – To make changes, you need support. You need a source or sources of encouragement, instruction, accountability, etc. No man is an island. We need others just like they need us.  

You can enjoy a happy and peaceful marriage no matter what bad stuff has happened. You just have to stop complaining about your problems and get busy engaging in the change process. If you believe you are positioned for change move on to the next step.

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