Angry ManI have been engaged in the recent protest that commenced when NFL player Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem last year. I signed up to help and gotten my kids involved with a very positive mentoring program. The latest talk about all this has to do with our angry president calling for the firing of any player that kneels during the National Anthem. Well today a whole lot of players were kneeling. Well I guess that’s it for the NFL.

All jokes aside. This is no joking matter. If any group in our country suffers we all suffer. We should care about the plight of all people. If not for the grace of God there go I. We should help to relieve suffering. Not be on the side dishing it out.

It just amazed me hearing people defending a flag while demonizing people. The longer I thought about this it dawned on me that this is the human condition. We do the same thing among the people we live and love. In an effort to prove our point we fall short in how we treat our neighbor. We raise our voice in anger and often stoop to using denigrating words which end up destroying the other person. Before you know it words are flying back and forth that are tearing one another down rather than building each other up. Many go way past words to actually inflict physical harm.

How can you say you love me when in anger you hit me? Whether with words, a fist, a scheme or a legislation.

Is being right or having my way more important than the pride and dignity of another person? Shouldn’t we look after the interest of others. The Bible says do unto others as we want them to do unto us. Luke 6:31 We should be careful how we treat others when we are angry. Less we find ourselves learning this lesson the hard way.

We all are guilty of getting angry and disrespecting those we disagree with from time to time. Let us rethink our response to others when in conflict with them. Regardless how passionate you are about an issue, allow the spirit of kindness to temper your retorts and rebukes of others.

If you are a hot and head and have been saying and doing hurtful things to the people you love, don’t hesitate to schedule a treatment planning session with me. I’ll be glad to help you create the new you. One that builds others up rather than tear them down. If you would rather work on your own I found this great course that will walk you though the principles of anger management. Dr. Defoore’s uniquely positive and professional approach make this a great way to put a stop to your angry explosions. Click Here! to learn more.


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