himliftingherT stands for thrive. I’m going to take the next few posts to focus on the seven T’s every marriage needs to thrive in these tough times. They are Time, Talk, Tokens, Touch, Tasks, Trust, and Tools.

The first thing a marriage needs is time. Up to 15 hours each week is not too much time to spend with your sweetheart. In fact, couples who starve their relationship of time together report lower levels of satisfaction. We can get so busy doing important things that we don’t allocate time to our marriages. Don’t allow the stress of life to squeeze out time to enjoy your spouse.

I have found that couples who take time out for one another are much healthier. Much like getting to the gym regularly helps the body, spending time together helps the marriage. Just a simple walk around the block or a game of Scrabble will do the trick.

Take a minute right now to plan to spend an hour with your mate in the next 7 days. No matter how stressed, financially strapped, upset or sick – you should find some creative way to spend time together. Take some pictures and share your experience on our Facebook page. Have fun!

To get the rest of these T’s download my latest tips for couples or take the Hot or Not Quiz.


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