Schools almost out and my kids are acting like they are already on summer break. Hats off to all those adults who’ve found a way to find jobs that that allows them to enjoy the academic schedule. “Shout out to my son Jonathan the school teacher and sister Carol the school psychologist.” Maybe one day I’ll enjoy the benefits of working a school schedule and become Professor Follette.

Hopefully this note finds you in good spirits. If not make the decision right now to be in good spirits. It’s a choice you know.

We have several upcoming courses and events we would like to share with you.


For Pastors and Counselors

PastorCounselingYou are invited to attend my upcoming Prepare-Enrich facilitator training. If you do premarital counseling or would like to this assessment is an essential tool for you. It is also a great tool for couples who may be struggling in their relationship and come to you for counseling. They have a new parent assessment that is helpful in aligning two very different parenting styles. This assessment adapts to the various backgrounds and values of the couples taking it. I have been using this test for almost 30 years in my practice and strongly recommend it to any professionals working with couples.

The training is scheduled for Sunday June 26th from 9 to 3 PM. In this workshop you will learn how to administer the assessment and use it in your counseling. I will teach you how to integrate into your ministry.

COURSE: Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Certification
COURSE DATE: June ,26, 2016
REGISTRATION FEE: $70 (Includes the training manual.)
DEADLINE: $265 due by June 19, 2016


For Married Couples

Couple with tabletVIP registration for the free course the ABC’S of Sizzling Hot Marriage is now open. Be one of the first to view this video training I have prepared to encourage couples to turn up the heat in their marriage. In this course I talk about what it takes to have a sizzling hot marriage. Don’t miss out! Did I tell you it’s FREE? Register Here!

SHM Cruise PostcardSpeaking of Sizzling Hot Marriage! What do you think about doing the Sizzling Hot Marriage Cruise next year with me? We are now accepting deposits for this 7 day 3 port Caribbean cruise. Learn More Here!

By the way, if you started therapy but got side-tracked, let me encourage you to make an appointment and get back to it. You need to finish what you started.


For Everybody

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 most preventable cause of death in the United States? What is your risk of getting heart disease? Ask these three simple questions posted by the American Heart Association.

Maintaining a healthy LIFESTYLE is essential element of longevity and well-being.

Claudia Follette, RD/LDN is offering a heart disease risk assessment and remediation class that includes a body composition assessment. Take your health seriously. You are not too young to attend this class.

COURSE: Heart Disease Risk Assessment
COURSE DATE: June 6, 2016 – 6-7:30 PM
REGISTRATION FEE: $20 FREE (Includes the body composition assessment.)
DEADLINE: Pre-register by June 4, 2016


Doggie Massage

A major precursor to disease is poor stress management. Lifestyle is proud to now offer Relaxation Therapy. Using biofeedback therapy you can enjoy a deeply relaxing 15, 20, or 30 minute mechanical shiatsu foot, back and neck massage with calming audio visuals, and aromatherapy. Relaxation therapy is especially for wound up individuals who have a difficult time relaxing and resolving anxious feelings. Relaxation therapy alongside psychotherapy is all you need to to open up and let all your pent up emotions out. Enhance your stress management by getting some valuable nutrition therapy to optimize your health choices. Take your stress and toss it to the wind at Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching. Take advantage of our introductory $10 rate by scheduling a session today. Calm your nerves by taking some time out and away for yourself.

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