In our secular make up your own rules society many who were brought up in church find themselves straying away in favor of a life unbound by church attendance. Church time is replaced with recreation and relaxation. Time is spent going fishing or going to the race track. Who needs church anymore? Well I find it amazing how people suddenly find their spiritual roots when trouble comes their way. When all is well who needs the Lord? But when hard times hit everybody needs Jesus. Well the wonderful thing about Jesus is that he isn’t so mad at us when we come running back at him that he turns his back on us. He simply asks “what took you so long”.

Here’s the question I want you to ponder. Is church going to hurt you? Sure there are a bunch of crazies out there. But by in large Christians and other religious traditions reinforce the importance of keeping love in your heart. Love for God and love for man. I think more marriages could use a little more love. What about you?

Get back into Church! It will be good for you. And your marriage.

Joe Follette

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