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Now is your opportunity to get away for a refreshing weekend to address the sexual issues you have been dealing with in your marriage. From a deeply spiritual perspective, Marriage & Family Therapist Joseph L. Follette, Jr., author of “The Sizzle Mindset: Seven Secrets to Keep the Passion Alive in Your Marriage” will gently guide the two of you through intimacy building exercises that will get you started on the right path toward a healthy sexual relationship and a Sizzling Hot Marriage.

Along with this first rate therapy experience you will enjoy comfortable accommodations and delicious meals. You will make some new friends with other couples with similar goals.





Suffer no more! Take time to resolve your sexual issues before they destroy your marriage. At this retreat you will address the underlying issues creating the tension in your marriage bed. You will learn how to communicate in a way that leads to feeling closer to each other and ultimately more sexually attracted to each other.

A Sizzling Hot Marriage enjoys passionate sex and a great relationship.If you are wondering if this retreat is for you or not answer the following questions to do a quick assessment of your marriage. Each of these ten items represent key factors that play a big role in marital intimacy.

Marital Intimacy


  1. We agree on the frequency of our sexual encounters. Yes or No

  2. When we have sex we are both usually satisfied. Yes or No

  3. We are both satisfied with the amount of undivided time we spend together each week. Yes or No

  4. We agree on our families priorities. Yes or No

  5. We rarely argue. Yes or No

  6. We regularly spend individual and family time with God. Yes or No

  7. We have great conversations together daily. Yes or No

  8. We don’t allow others to enter into our private circle. Yes or No

  9. We feel confident in each other’s love. Yes or No

  10. We feel free to express and be ourselves with each other. Yes or No


Answering no to any of these items can mean trouble for your marriage. If you answered no to several of them it is imperative that you seek help right away. Don’t allow the enemy to destroy your family.Joseph L. Follette, Jr. has a Masters in Divinity and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who has over 20 years of experience helping couples work through their challenges to achieve a Sizzling Hot Marriage. This retreat seeks to enrich your love making, deepen your commitment to your marriage and reduce the conflict between you. Hopefully it will set you up to leave a legacy of healthy sexuality for the next generation. During this weekend you will learn the spiritual roots of healthy sexuality with your mate. You will achieve a God-focus that will enhance how you feel about yourself and your sexual feelings toward each other. So on this weekend, you will reconnect with God and your mate. Beginning Friday evening and continuing through Sunday noon you can set your marriage on a better path and make some great memories with your mate.

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