12 Days of Christmas Challenge

So Christmas is in the air. It is such a wonderful time of year. Most people are full of cheer. How about you? Just like birthdays and Thanksgiving, Christmas is a great opportunity to make those special people in your life feel special. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people you care about who you haven’t touched in a long time. Some shy away from giving gifts – but the blessing is in the giving. And it is also important to be a good receiver. Don’t ruin it for the giver with a sour face or saying something negative. Just say thank you and call it a day.

Someone told me recently her family’s tradition is to make something for each other on Christmas. That was a twist on the traditional commercialized approach to Christmas. I thought that was really special and told my family we are going to take up that same tradition. Of course the kids were like “Dad, does that mean…” I let them know that we will still be exchanging gifts. They were relieved. All kids are expecting gifts  And most adults are too. Don’t let this opportunity pass to make some love happen this Christmas season! Think about the greatest gift of all – Jesus our Savior! He gave of Himself so that we might live forever. Have you received His gift?

To every couple I want to issue a challenge to take the next 12 days to do something special to let your spouse know how much you love them. Be creative! Spend no more than $1.28 if you must spend money on this token of your love. Post your pictures of your tokens by 12 midnight each day on our Facebook page @SizzlingHotMarriage. I have a special prize for all the couples who complete the challenge. Please be sure to like the page.

I’m excited about some projects I have completed. You can watch my video “How to Stop Arguing with Your Spouse on YouTube“. You can take my FREE marriage course ” The ABC’s of Sizzling Hot Marriage Video Course“.  Please be sure to like the video.


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