ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICINGEnjoy a Four-Day Three Night
Marriage Retreat

Are you in a marital crisis?

Looking for an intervention that is provided by a licensed professional, on a weekend, at a great destination, enjoyable, and effective?

The Sizzle Mindset Marriage Retreat is designed to help you address the issues you are facing in your marriage. It's an intense 4-day weekend that will transform your relationship. You will be motivated to do marriage differently.

Are you ready to face the issues so that you can restore your marriage?

Marriage is the journey of a lifetime. But the journey is a voyage filled with ups and downs. Don’t jump ship when things are down. Get professional help when you need it. There is no better way to get on the path to recovery than through the SIZZLE MINDSET Marriage Retreat. Author and licensed marriage therapist, Joseph L. Follette, Jr., will lead you into experiencing improved communication and increased intimacy in your marriage. During these four intense days you will experience the full range of emotions as you address issues and learn new skills. You will enjoy the company of other couples searching for deeper connections with their spouses as well. This will be an experience you will cherish your lifetime.

All Inclusive Pricing

The SIZZLE MINDSET Marriage Retreat offers all-inclusive pricing. Our retreats include arrangements for hotel, food, and everything else except travel to the location. Everything is covered by one reasonable fee:

  • > First class private suite accommodations
  • > Authentic location specific dining
  • > Exciting activities
  • > World-class training and therapy
  • > Private sessions
  • > Post-Retreat AfterCare program

Retreat Contents

Based on the book “The Sizzle Mindset”, the Sizzle Mindset Marriage Retreat teaches the seven secrets to keep the passion alive in your marriage. You will be inspired to ...

  • 4 - BE CALM
  • 6 - BE SEXY
  • 7 - BE MINDFUL
As each secret is processed, couples engaged in experiential activities with the therapist, each other and the other couples. Insight is gained through the experience of processing these activities. There will be no boring lectures. You will enjoy being fully engaged and active.

Retreat Dates & Locations

July 28, 2017

Montego Bay, Jamaica

-- SOLD OUT --

August 31, 2017

Montego Bay, Jamaica


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> The four day Marriage Retreat format allows couples to address issues in a safe environment while learning to trust again. The therapist led experience will help couples gain new communication and conflict resolution skills. Couples willing to make this commitment will find a remarkable immediate and long-term return on their time investment.

> Couples receive over 25 hours of training plus private sessions.

> Virtually everything is included in the cost of the Training Retreat including private suite accommodations, all meals, private sessions, great activities, and our AfterCare program (5 post retreat therapy hours).

> As part of our highly effective AfterCare program, couples receive outstanding post-therapy support through Skype sessions and coaching calls to help them stay on track towards their goals and objectives.

Limited availability: To keep our retreats personal registrations are limited to no more than 7 couples at a time.

Four-Day Marriage Retreat Pricing

Small group Marriage Retreats are priced according to location.

One-on-one Retreats are quoted individually.

Note: Prices are variable depending on location selected, number of couples, and other criteria.