• Lifestyle Adjustments Lead to Greater Health

    At Lifestyle we offer Chiropractic Services to aid in your health achievement goals. Chiropractors study the entire body and know what nerves affect each process of the body. A Chiropractors goals is to clear any nerve interference so you can think clearer, move better and feel great. Visit Lifestyle Chiropractic to find out more.

  • Are You Feeling Overweight?

    Our Natural Weight Loss Program is designed to get you healthy and help you to lose weight naturally by changing your dietetic lifestyle and exercise routine.

  • Achieve Total Health & Well Being!

    Lifestyle is here to help you achieve Total Health & Well Being! Offering individual, family, couple and group therapy, Chiropractic rehabilitation and prevention therapy, and Medical Nutrition Therapy. Lifestyle provides a more natural approach to healing and wellness. Instead of worrying about your health, get a FREE Overall Health Assessment Today!

  • Getting Started

    The first step in getting started is to set up your appointment. In many studies the participants reported that their anxiety level reduced significantly once they took action to make an appointment. If you have insurance or an EAP you may want to give them a call to see if you need preauthorization and to verify…

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  • Our Services

    In our practice we see individuals from all walks of life and situations. We believe in offering flexible services that meet our clients needs. We offer services in our office in Huntsville, Alabama as well a in local halls, churches, telephone, Skype and online. Counseling services are therapeutic in nature and tend to address specific…

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  • Who We Are

    Lifestyle is here to help you achieve Total Health & Well Being! Offering individual, family, couple and group therapy, Chiropractic rehabilitation and prevention, and Medical Nutrition Therapy, Lifestyle provides a more natural approach to healing and wellness. Our Life Assessment enables us to reach beneath your pain to help you develop long-lasting health in all aspects of your life….

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Make Your Appointment Today! Need to talk to a marriage counselor about your marriage or relationship? At Lifestyle Therapy and Coaching we believe in saving marriages and families. Are you experiencing problems with divorce, separation, infidelity, spousal abuse, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, parenting, emotional affairs, sex addiction, pornography, anger management, PTSD, sexual problems, debt or financial hardship or the effects of an affair. Are you thinking about getting married and are in need of a Christian marriage therapist or coach? No matter where you live WE CAN HELP! Our counselors have flexible hours and are available via telephone, Skype and in-person. We also offer medical care from our chiropractor and registered dietitian who provide thorough assessment and natural approaches to treating your health concerns. We specialize in providing individualized treatment for weight loss. Lose Weight the HEALTHY Way! with us.

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