The latest Harris Poll indicates that only one in three Americans would say that they are happy as the next person.

According to their breakdowns, women are happier than men, coming in at 33 to their 29. People whose annual income is between $50,000 and $74,999 are happier than people who earn between $75,000 and $99,999 (32 vs. 30). And people with a college degree are happier (33) than those without (30). The South is the happiest region (32), 65+ is the happiest age group (a whopping 37) and married people are happier (34) than unmarried (28). Having a child under the age of 18 in one's household makes no difference at all. People who are registered to vote are happier than average (32), and so are people who live in the suburbs (also 32). Time

Chances are if you landed here you are looking to be happier.
You have come to the right place!

Hi! My name is Joe Follette, Jr. and I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Read more about me here.

My clients have experienced a great amount of success in treatment for a wide range of issues dragging down their happiness including anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, sexuality, marriage, parenting, anger, ADHD, family problems, codependency, etc. I especially specialize in helping couples work their way back from affairs and other devastating addictions that would destroy the marriage without professional intervention.

In addition to providing one-on-one, couple, family and group therapy, I offer various resources to help people get happy and stay happy individually and in their relationships.

You know its time for professional counseling when you have tried everything else and you simply need the personal touch. But there are a lot of things you can do yourself for free to get where you want to be.

Happiness is not as evasive as it seems. There are some general principles practiced by happy people that unhappy people don't practice. Don't give up on your happiness. Just a few simple changes have helped thousands find happiness. You may be able to make these changes on your own without therapy. You can be happy if you stop doing these things:

  1. Expecting the worse
  2. Catastrophizing
  3. Expecting too much
  4. Unforgiveness
  5. Scapegoating
  6. Giving too little
  7. Failing to plan

Need some help finding happiness. I'm here to help! Schedule a one-on-one with me by calling (256) 850-4426. But you can get started now. Take the Happiness Quiz to see how happy you are. If you are not ready for therapy you can take one of my courses.

Happy People Make Happy Marriages!

A disatisfying marriage is the most common outcome for unhappy people. Unhappy people have difficulty staying married. They find themselves constantly looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Unhappy people end up getting addicted to this and that. They end up doing things married people have no business doing like having affairs. Unhappy people can easily make happy people unhappy.

Maybe your spouse is an unhappy person. Maybe you used to be a happy person before you got married. But even if you are in an unhappy marriage you can find your happy again. Even if your spouse doesn't. But a happy marriage is not far away when both of you learn how to be happy.

Here are some key contributors to unhappy marriages

  1. Lack of Commitment
  2. Inflexibility
  3. Too Busy
  4. Explosive Anger
  5. Poor Communication
  6. Sexual Problems
  7. Inattentiveness

Learn to avoid repeating toxic behaviors. You don't have to go the way of your parents. Enroll in therapy or take a course and learn the right way to think and power through your challenges so you can live a happy long life. Take some time to invest in yourself and relationships. You don't have to settle for mediocre.

Happiness is not far away if the two of you can turn these bad habits around. Read my Sizzle Mindset book to learn what you need to do to turn things around in your marriage. Take the Hot or Not Quiz to do a quick assessment of your marriage. It is very important to check your marriage from time to time. Taking your marriage for granted is a terrible mistake. You should be constantly working on your marriage. If you have some relationship issues that you have been unable to resolve, don't hesitate to get therapy. If you are not ready to get therapy take one of my courses. Don't put off your happiness one more day.

Affair recovery is a very delicate process. My approach utilizes multiple tools including objective assessments, couple therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and an online curriculum to assist in addressing the multiple layers of challenges that couples must face to be restored. I even work with reluctant partners to help them understand that restoration is possible. I have experienced couples bouncing back from the worse circumstances. I can't save your marriage, however, I are confident I can show you how.

Your marriage doesn't have to end. Get a second opinion. Reignite the spark that makes it exciting again. Even after years of disappointment and hurt you can turn your sour marriage into a sizzling hot marriage. My program has helped save hundreds of marriages. Learn more ...

Call (256) 850-4426 to Schedule an In-Person or E-Therapy Assessment!

Arguments are common in marriage, left unresolved, even soul mates can lose their love. Learn how to stop arguments peacefully and enjoy your marriage again.


Many lives have changed after getting help. You too can start getting amazing results and transformation. Ease and release the grip that addictions have in your life with a one-on-one consultation. With some serious focus you can get your life back on track.

My recovery program is second to none. My spiritual model based on the 12 Steps has been tried and tested helping millions of people regain control from anxiety, depression, sex/porn addiction, co-dependency, substance abuse, addictions, etc.

Take full responsibility for your life from this day forward with Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching. Request a treatment planning session and explore how you can improve critical aspects of your life.

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Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching's mission is to help you get where you want to be in your life and relationships. Joseph L. Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT offers over 30 years of experience helping people reach their goals.


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